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Why spend hundreds of dollars on new headlights when our service can have your existing lenses looking as good as new for far less?  We will  come to you! Our convenient and affordable Mobile services can give your car a whole new look in one hour or less. Call us:

What are the benefits of choosing our services for your headlight restoration?

We guarantee that your headlights will look as good as new as the day your drove your car off lot.

Our service will have your car back on the road in one hour or less.

Improves headlight performance.

Saves the cost of replacing expensive headlight components

Improves vehicle appearance and increases resale value.

Clean headlights increase your night time visibility, keeping you and your family safe every time you get behind the wheel. Increase night-vision illumination.

With our services, you'll never have to leave the comfort of your own home. Just call to set up an appointment and we'll bring our high quality professional grade services right to your door.

Dealer and package discounts are available, saving you even more money if you need work done on multiple cars.

Common Questions and Answers About Headlight Restoration:

Question:  Why do the headlight lenses oxidize?

ANSWER: Most headlight lenses are made of plastic. Plastic headlights get cloudy from the elements (sun, sand, and other driving conditions). The combination of daily exposure to vehicle exhaust, UV sun rays, harsh chemicals and road debris results in pitting of the surface as well as an actual chemical alteration of the plastic lens. Plastic clouding occurs much the same way that metal rusts. This oxidation must be removed.  We remove this oxidized outer layer and reveals a new "Fresh" layer of plastic.

Question:  How long will my headlights stay clear?

ANSWER: Results will vary depending on the environment that the headlights are exposed to.  Since we basically remove the damaged layer and exposes a new layer of plastic, it will take about the same amount of time for the headlights to oxidize as they did when they were new. Our service help to hold off the oxidation process to an extent but it will not permanently prevent future clouding and oxidation of your headlights that occurs due to weather, driving conditions and time.  Depending on driving conditions and the area in which you live.

Question:  Why can't I just use Glass Cleaner or household cleaner?

ANSWER: Many glass cleaners contain ammonia and harsh alcohols, which will rapidly advance the deterioration, hazing and yellowing process of plastic lenses by removing the plasticizer oils from the plastic.

Question:  Do I  need to repair the lens from the inside of the headlight?

ANSWER: No.  Extreme weather conditions, rock chips and other road debris, contamination from car wash and detailing products all cause oxidation damage to the exterior of the lens. We will clean, restore the lenses.  It is not advisable to attempt to clean the inside of the lens assembly.  Your headlights do not need to be removed for the vehicle.  If you see moisture or water on the inside of the headlight assembly, the outer seal is failing and it is time to consider replacement since this seal can not be repaired and moisture can cause a short in the headlight bulb assembly.

Question: Will this work for all headlights lenses?

ANSWER: Yes.  As long as the headlights are made of plastic and the seal has not been compromised.  If you notice water and moisture inside of the assembly or visible cracks or holes in the surface, the headlights should be replaced.

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